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You’re constantly chasing those feelings of nostalgia. Chasing old memories. Chasing things you’ve experienced, and wish you could experience again. Everything you remember gets distorted, with a peachy colored lens. You forget the anxieties, lulls, and bad memories. You only remember the event. Those negative inbetweens are what make you want to kill yourself. Make it all want to end. But you want to feel your hope again. Your high. You revisit it with drugs. It hurts each time. It’s so bittersweet, knowing you get to experience bliss again yet you’ll have to leave. Childhood euphoria. I miss it. I’d like to live for it. I’d like to grow old for it. Have someone I can die for it, euphoria. Completion, bliss, wholeness.

Jul 28, 2020

Chasing Nostalgia