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Gnosticism’s Monad reminds me much of the big bang, an infinite force of light, energy, and cosmic matter. Though for what purpose, a lot of cultures have the concept of a serpent eating itself. Infinity creating infinity. Why were these particular laws chosen for this universe?

I feel like it’s to create a self-aware being unique to it. In Gnosticism you have the demiurge, an emanation from monad, our false father. I think he’s not the creator in our linear sense of time. Rather, our demiurge, will be the perfect being that becomes self aware of what it is, and where it is.

Life or similar constructs, are portals for the monad to gaze into our world. To live vicariously. There may eventually be AI, or synthetic life far removed from carbon. It will be just another portal for the monad. Another hallucinated identity. Until our demiurge.

Our laws will create him, but if you’re viewing this from outside of linear time, you could equally say, it created our physical laws. What will happen after this being, I don’t have any thoughts to.

A collapse of existence. I would assume. Rejoining with monad.

Apr 25, 2020

My Head Hurts Again